Day 6 of the 14 day Love Challenge from Ethony Dawn

6 of Cups – Vox Arcana and Everyday Witch Tarot

Day 6 Brings us to balancing ourselves and our relationships. Who are we in and out of relationship? What can we do when tumble into relationship with that special someone? Sometimes we do lose ourselves because we have become an US not just a ME. But how can you hold on to who YOU are when you are in the middle of being an US? Well this tarot Spread Ethony created can help.

Here is the spread image and then i will share My draw.

Rose’s Day 6 Tarot Draw using the Shadowlands Tarot by Monica Bodirsky

Card1- 3 of Swords- Yes! Be my badass self. I love the 3 of Swords as it reminds me of how much I have overcome to get to where i am today. <3
Card 2- 2 of Wands- Self care matters and here I am seeing I need to keep things balanced but dive in with passion. Trust myself. I know who I am.
Card 3- Page of Wands- I need to release my expectations of others and just embrace that I need to speak my truths and take the small steps even when I am scared. Boy do I get scared sometimes.
Card 4- 3 of Cups- Keep Communing with my Higher Spirits and Guardians as well as My friends and loved ones. They are just as important as my partner. They DO want to hear from me. Tell the brain weasels to hush. If your friends didn’t want to hear from you they will tell you. But You need to reach out.

Man this spread hit the core of some of my introvert issues around reaching out to people in my life. I am happily partnered but yeah sometimes I just get scared that no one wants to hear from me. SO I just tuck in. I need to do better. I bet we all do. And No 2020 didn’t help, did it? Well I just need to say “Hello in There! Hello!” (Thanks Ms M.)

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