Let’s Illuminate
your Future

Together we determine what challenges and gifts are ahead in your next chapter.

I believe in fortune creation.
Let's ignite your future.

I use the cards to help you create the story of your life.


Any relationship with friends, family, lovers can be hard, but they don’t have to be. We’ll work together to map steps for the highest good of all.

Work & Profession

Gain insight and knowledge into your current career and other opportunities that might interest you. Lets look at potential for growth and what other possibilities await you.

Goal Setting

What do you want to achieve? We’ll look at the goal and create a plan to achieve it, using the cards as the steps you take to reach your goal.

These are just a few samples of consultation topics we can focus on.

If there is a topic you don’t see, rest assured we can cover it.

Hi, my name is Rose Red

Let's explore the legend that is you.

YOU are the hero of your epic tale. Together we will uncover the steps you can take to create your own legendary status, be it finding your own happily ever after with the partner of your dreams or being the success you dream about in business or in life.


My particular gift is in helping visionaries, creatives, artists, and busy professionals create a personal action plan.

Consultation Highlights

Action Plan

Concrete Steps to take after the Consultation

My Approach

Create a plan to move forward with your vision.


Readings are very personal, rest assured that your reading stays private between us.

Clear Take Away

Understanding of what you can do next to build your vision.

Rose is an incredibly talented reader!


Rose is an incredibly talented reader, with the skill to cut right to the heart of the matter every time. But more than that, she has a wonderful, open heart and remains fully present with you as she guides you sensitively through the issues you are experiencing point by point.

Charles H., Communication

Tarot Consultations Delivered Your Way!

Here is a sampling of different ways to receive your consultation. 

If you don’t see what you are looking for or have any questions feel free to contact me.

Email Consultations

Receive a written PDF response to 1 general issue of concern. Document includes a customized write-up with card spread images.

Remote Consultations

Convenient & practical, these live remote consultations cover 1-3 questions by phone or your choice
of various video messaging services.

In-Person Consultations

This is the most in-depth option available allowing us to dive deep into your questions and create an action plan in an intimate one-on-one session.

Parties & Event

Event or party coming up? Along with bringing table decor and cards. I will also dress in a wardrobe best suited for your event.