Day 5 of the 14 day Love Challenge from Ethony Dawn

5 of Cups Vox Arcana and Everyday Witch Tarot

Day 5.. Forgiveness. Yes when you are feeling the loss of love you may feel like nothing else matters. You can get so lost in the emotions and you can’t see the blessing you still have.

This day was hard for me to focus on doing the activity as I realized don’t want to forgive some of the people who caused me this pain. If they hadn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am today. That may sound bad and maybe it is in some aspects. I may try to do more with this. For now, here is Ethony’s Spell work for you to try and share your results. I will work on doing it for myself.

Ethony’s Forgiveness Spell from her #lovechallenge- 2021.

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