Day 5 on the road to Reader’s Studio 2017

Back in the saddle again! Yep Off to the day job and keeping the office running as well as myself. Just a few more weeks then it is on a plane to see the folks at RS17.  I can’t believe i have been attending off and on since 2007.  Yes to some folks that is not much as they had been attending since the beginning, but for me this is a good thing to celebrate.

So what card did we get for today?


Knight of Cups- Carry my love of Tarot and RS to others who are new to the event! Got it! And keep sharing my knowledge and light. I am looking forward to the new things I will learn as well as sharing my perspective on reading with others. This should be a great year.


The EveryDay Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and artist Elisabeth Alba.

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