Contemplation of Winter in the Voyager Tarot Deck

When I think of winter and how it comes across to me in the Voyager Tarot deck, I visualize the Two Of Worlds-Reflection. This card shows a snow covered mountain, snow covered hills, a lake by some snow covered trees and in the foreground is a white wolf sitting in snow. It has two moons at opposite corners of the card and a clear star filled sky.
During winter one can go out and see the sky filled with stars on a clear night. Everything appears to reflect off the surfaces of the snow. It reflects back light which could be blinding as well as illuminating. When a lake reflects back the images, they can be  the opposite of what one may see when looking directly at the lake.  These all can have a clear crisp view with little to block it.
All of this reminds me that when I look out on a winter scene, it comes to me clear, stark and focused.  I see things in a sharper light. And the Two Of Worlds points out the clearer view and seeing more than the obvious. Look for the hidden view that is now clear and crisp.  Winter light can be reflective and can illuminate some things one may have missed when it was full summer and could be blinded by all the  spectacular colors seen then.

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