Way of the Mentor Voyager Intensive this weekend!

I am looking forward to this weekend.

James Wanless is coming up to teach Way of the Mentor which is his Voyager Tarot Coaching Intensive. It will be one of the last times he teaches it himself so i am really looking forward this. I have take the other courses, Way of the Seeker and Way of the Seer. I have fallen in love with his deck and the images are so full of information that you see something amazing and new each time you look at a card from his deck.

I will post more after the weekend. I can’t wait!

1 thought on “Way of the Mentor Voyager Intensive this weekend!”

  1. Wow, Daughter of Wands AND Two of Swords? Seems like one of those readings that’s the beat you with a stick until you get it’ type.I uasully read Two of Swords as indecision or hesitation. Of refusing to make a choice, or refusing to even look at the options, because the choice seems impossible. Seems to fit with what I know of your situation.

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