SF BATS was amazing and renewing for me

This year SF BATS was held August 28 & 29. It was at the Universal Unitarian Center of San Francisco which always feels like a home away from home in my mind. I have been attending this event for the last 4 years or so and every year I get to meet some amazing people and see some old friends.

This year was no different in that respect. James Wanless, Mary Greer , and Rachel Pollack were there as well as Marcus Katxz, Tali Goodwin, and Emily Carding. It was like the Americans verses the British. Everyone was excited to have Marcus and Tali from Tarot Professionals as well as Emily with her recent Transparent Oracle out from the UK to share their vision of tarot.

I was there bright and early to help set up with the other Daughters of Divination(DOD) Anastasia, Patricia, Ester, Sparrow, Ember, Andrew and Rydell as well as all the vendors who were setting up their tables for all the participants to see what amazing items they had for them to look at and purchase. Tarot Garden and Tarot Connections where there with amazing decks as well as Ari Stone and her fantastic Tarot journals, just to name a few.

Once everything was set into place and the will call table was set, we had people lined up all the way out the front doors of the UU Center. It was amazing to see all these Tarot People in one place to soak in the new knowledge for the amazing panel of guests. I was excited to see so many new people as well as some old friends.

The first class session for me was Joseph E Martin of the Quest Tarot which is a very layered deck. He shared his views about how to deal with keeping your personal power as well as dealing with skeptics and keep doing your best. Next I saw Diana Wilkes of Tarot Passages talk about finding the right deck for yourself and how to be a reviewer if that is what you wanted to do. I found her talk to be of interest to me as I would like to explore doing reviews of decks and such here. Of course we all have to know our preferences and understand them as we produce reviews of decks. We are in service to others in that process and it is a about Tarot after all.
Next came lunch and chatting with friends and making purchases from the vendors. So many terrific things to take home and so little time to really deicide.

My next session was with Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin from Tarot Professionals. It was interesting to learn new ways to read cards as well as challenge one self with just using one word to describe 3 cards in a reading. In fact Marcus shared a 19 word reading using all 78 cards in a standard Tarot Deck. It challenges your brain to par down and really focus on what is in front of you . His website is www.tarotprofessionals.com.

More soon.

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