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Life is interesting

I am working on my lists of things I have to do for my Voyager Tarot Coaching certification. It is a slow process as I am wanting to work with people but I also want to work with my friends first as we can both benefit from this.

I have asked a couple of people and I have already met with one person to start the process. We worked on some short term goals and planned to meet bi-weekly to see their progress.

I have started posting daily on my Twitter account my 3 cards- 1 word and realize I need a thesaurus as my vocabulary was really limited by talking to 3-5 yr olds for many years. It will get better.

I had a lovely time at Folsom Renaissance Fair and meet a lovely young woman who was starting her Tarot journey. I hope to work with her more as she explores the cards.

I will be posting more reviews of things so make sure to check here once a week for a new post. I have said it now it needs to happen, right? Right!

As I am preparing for Samhain, I realize I have much to be grateful for and much to work on in the new year. And boy will it be an amazing year!

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