Day 1 of the 14 day Love Challenge from Ethony Dawn

Vox Arcana and Everyday Witch Tarot

I decided to try the 14 day Love Challenge from Ethony Dawn on FB or Instagram.. she is prolific so I’m not sure where I first saw this but I wanted to try it no matter what.

Day 1 is the Aces and being open to love. The question is when did you close yourself off to love.
And that struck me. Harder than I expected.
When did I do that? And I realized I had.
Wow.. I am going to be working on this in private and sharing small bites I think.

As I go through this challenge I will see what changes I can make and what I can grow as I go down this path of 14 days of love and Cups diving. I will see where it leads.
Hope you join this challenge for yourself. It could be eye opening.

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