Inspired by Mediumship and Charms Course

Wow it has been far too long since I have been here. Life is going well and I have been busy with working on my Spirituality and I took an amazing course from Carrie Paris and Andrew McGregor call Mediumship and Charms. We used charms to talk to the dead and get answers to questions we had.

I connected with my Aunt’s spirit which was amazing to do. I would recommend looking into taking any course Andrew and Carrie teach as I always walk away with new knowledge and a great appreciation for their skills and ways they teach. The image is on the Charms cloth that we got wot work with. It was also my first time really using a pendulum. I had never really understood how they worked and this course helped to strengthen my confidence to try it out. Ready to add it to my tool kit of reading items.

Also I have been going strong with Tarot Visions but in 2017 there will be a big change.  Charlie and I will be doing some new things and having new adventures so you will have to wait and see. If you don’t follow it already, here is a link to the show: Tarot Visions Podcast.

There really is so much more to share and yet so much more in 2017 that I am excited and grateful to have happen.  2016 has indeed been a year to remember and for myself on a personal level it has been pretty good. Yes there have been some really horrible things going on around me which have hit hard, but overall my inner life has been good.  But it has been an Hermit year so that may be why. I have done a lot of inner work and have more to do but overall it has been go to grow and change and focus.

I hope your 2016 was not the worst ever and that your 2017 will be better than you expect.

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