Yule Reading

It is the time of year where we all reflect on the past and look to the future. We take time to see what we have achieved and begin thinking about the new year.

I have found that doing spreads for questions really helps me connect to my Tarot and my questions specific focus. I was wondering about the new year and what it will hold for me and created the Yule Wreath Spread. I went to the san Francisco Tarot Cafe and shared it there. Here is the Spread and what cards I received.

First separate your deck into two piles. One pile is Major Arcana and the other is Minor Arcana.

Next mix up the pile of Minor Arcana and pull 4 cards, face down, and lay them out clockwise, first card at 12, second card at 3, third card at 6, and fourth card at 10 position. Set that stack to the side.

Pick up the stack of Major Arcana and shuffle. Pull one card, face down, to help you through out the year and place it in the center of the spread.

Turn over each quarter one at a time and figure out what will be important in that time of the year. After that, turn over the center card to see which Major will help you through your quarters.

I did mine and this is what I received:

First Card/First Quarter of the Year: 4 of Cups

New opportunities are within reach if you choose to take them. You don’t have to if they are not right for you.

Second Card/Second Quarter of the Year: Queen of Wands

You will be busy but things will be going well. You will be living your passions and leading others to keep the fires burning.

Third Card/Third Quarter of the Year: Knight of Swords

Charging forcefully may get things done but make sure it is what you want to accomplish.

Fourth Card/Fourth Quarter of the Year: Page of Pentacles

Getting grounded is the key. Make sure you are in a space to be ready to group and change.

The Major Arcana is: Empress

Using your skills of growth and fertility to feed the year, you will grow as you go through the quarters. You have the strength and the Goddess is with you on this new journey.

Not a bad reading and very balanced. So I will be working on many projects in the new year and seeing where it leads me.

Happy Yule to you!

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