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Welcome from Arwen Lynch  post.  This is my Samhain Shadow Tarot Blog Hop post.

Shadow work is very difficult. Many of us try to avoid it because we like to pretend that we don’t have dark sides. Samhain is a time to look past the masks and the veils to see ourselves. It is time to spend in contemplation. We each take our own paths to get to that place where we can get past our own personal facades and get to the soul of the matter – the parts of ourselves we need to work on and make better. For each of us this can be a personal journey.

I generally turn to the cards because it makes it easier and I can’t ignore what is in front of me. This year I will be doing my 9 card spread as I do every year when I want to look at my shadow self. And I am going to share my layout with you here.

Rose Red’s Shadow Spread:

First card: where I am at = what’s going on currently for or with myself.

Second card: current situation – what things are coming up currently that I am dealing with.

Third card: What’s coming up – that will help with the situation.

Fourth card: (under the first card) – things I am ignoring about where I am at. This is the shadow of the first card.

Fifth card (shadow of the 2nd card): Things not being acknowledged about the current situation.

Sixth card (Shadow of the third card): what wont help with the situation.

Seventh Card (above the first): Things to remember about where you’re at – something positive to keep in mind when going thru your shadow side.

Eighth Card (above the 2nd card): Something positive about the situation you may be ignoring.

Ninth Card (above the 3rd card): Something to help deal with all that you’re dealing with.

While this seems like a very simplistic layout, this spread can give depth to dealing with your shadow material. Always remember: that you only go as deep as you allow yourself and while this can be used for a ‘lighter’ reading, you can hone it down using only major arcana cards to build this reading. Using bigger-picture cards means dealing with bigger-picture issues. Alternatively, you can just use the minors (or a specific minor suite) to deliver a less dramatic dip into your shadow side.

Now hop on over to Jaymi Elford’s post! Happy Samhain and exploring your own Shadow side.

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  4. And another super spread for me to scribble down in my note pad! I don’t ever worry about simplistic layouts – the more straightforward it is, the less likely I am to fuff it up!!

    Ali x

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