Reader’s Studio 22 Major Arcane – Day Seven – The Devil



Every time I see this card I hear my twist on the saying “The Devil made me do it,” which is “The Devil made you do it? Really? Really? Think again.”  I know I make my own choices and I can’t blame some other entity for my choices. I am working on getting the boxes sorted and packed but I am also doing social stuff after work instead of going home and packing for myself.  I do have a plan and will be working on getting things done, it just feels like I have less time than I do and I am kinda not wanting to get serious just yet.

I know it is my choice to do things.  So I guess I need to get serious and work on the lists of stuff I need to pack, wash, organize stuff and just be generally ready to go next Friday. EEK! It’s just a few more days away. Still I need to remind myself that what I do is my choice not some outside Deity or Hidden Influence. Me. I choose what I will invest my time in and I take responsibility for my choices.

I am super excited though. I can’t wait. And yes Mr Nacol, I will be wearing the corset and skirts as I promised I would.

Off to get the chores done and the items listed and the steps followed.


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