Reader’s Studio 22 Major Arcane – Day Six – The Star


Like the brilliant place in the heavens, this card reminds me to look up and expand my view.

I know I can get stuck in the here and now and forget about the world around me. I some times for get to dream and make plans for myself.  I get so busy with the everyday that I forget to look at the wonder around me.  Then I see a child playing or a puppy chasing a ball or a lovely flower growing in an unexpected place and I am reminded of the wonder of the universe. It just makes me stop and take a moment to appreciate that I got to see this thing happen. It was a joy I got to participate in and it reminds me to let go more and dream more and be open to the wonder in my life.

And that I use AND a bunch. But it is all true!


So it is your turn to Dream big.  I am on it for myself today.

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