Reader’s Studio 22 Major Arcane – Day One- The Hanged Man


In relation to the trip to the Reader’s Studio, I am feeling like the Hanged Man is touching on my holding pattern at the moment. I am getting the products organized and ready to take with us. I am working on getting my lists prepared and thinking about what I need to pack with me.  Of course I need my favorite decks as well as some special ones like the Steampunk Tarot fro Barbara Moore and the Wizard’s Tarot from Corrine Kenner. I need my corset and skirts for the banquet on Saturday evening. I need my notebooks and pens for all the amazing information I will be getting in the three seminars. I will need to pack my business cards to share my contact information.

When I see the Hanged Man as a card in a reading this is my thoughts about it:

“You may feel like you are in a rut but really you aren’t uncomfortable, are you? It is time to relax and be open to the next steps on your road to the next steps of your journey. Look at what you still need to set in order before you can come down to earth. By changing your perspective, you may see what you missed the first time around.”

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