22 Days until Reader’s Studio!

So for the next 22 days leading up to Reader’s Studio we the members of The West Coast Contingent of Tarot Explorers, are going to post our thoughts on The Major Arcane!  We are Rose Red, Andrew and Innowen.  If you click on our names you will get a link to each of our blogs. I will be working with my current favorit deck, The Druid Craft Tarot.

We have drawn a card a day to explore the Majors and will post daily a thought, a tweet, and reading or some other insight to each card we had for that day.

Here is the list if you wish to join us:

Wednesday the 4th:  The Hanged Man
Thursday the 5th:   The Lovers
Friday the 6th:     The Magician (reversed if it matters to you)
Saturday the 7th:   Death
Sunday the 8th:     Justice
Monday the 9th:     The Star (reversed if it matters to you)
Tuesday the 10th:   The Devil (reversed if it matters to you)
Wednesday the 11th: The Tower (reversed if it matters to you)
Thursday the 12th:  The World
Friday the 13th:    The Chariot
Saturday the 14th:  Strength
Sunday the 15th:    The Emperor
Monday the 16:      The Empress (reversed if it matters to you)
Tuesday the 17th:   The Moon
Wednesday the 28th: Judgement
Thursday the 19th:  The Fool
Friday the 20th:    The Sun
Saturday the 21st:  Temperance
Sunday the 22nd:    The Heirophant
Monday the 23rd:    The Hermit
Tuesday the 24th:   Wheel of Fortune
Wednesday the 25th: The High Priestess

And away we go!  Hope you enjoy our fun!

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