Lovely Tarot Poetry from Susa Black

Tarot Augury

We shuffle the Tarot
and cut the cards thrice,
to learn and to grow
from their sage advice.

What tell the cards
We lay on the table?
We ask in regards
To our life’s fable.

Whom do we follow
Trump, court, or pip, when
we embark on the hallowed
journey of Seership?

What do we see
In the shadows around?
We hold the key
Where our answers are found.

What do we hear
From ghostly voices?
There’s nothing to fear
From their eerie noises.

What do we smell,
An otherworld fragrance?
What can it tell,
Of the vagaries of chance.

What kind of taste
Lies on our tongue?
What memories are raised
From when we were young?

Whose cold touch
Prickles our skin?
Ghost, goblins and such
Haunt from within.

What do we know
From uncanny sources?
Do our visions show
Strange new forces?

We thank the Tarot cards
For their mystic sight, and
The Seventy-two bards,
Whose stories enlighten.

Smb, 2009

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