SF Tarot Cafe, May 4, reviewed

It was a wonderful evening at the SF Tarot Cafe this week.  We had 12 people attend so there were plenty of new faces to expand the fun.

We had Nina, Fey, Simone, RJ, Sarah, Susa, Marianna, Anastasia, Andrew, Camille,Roxanne, and myself. Anastasia opened the discussion this time talking about the Pentacles or Coins or Worlds as James Wanless calls them.  She shared her information about how when we see the Pentacles come up in a reading generally it points towards money issues. She asked us to share with the group other things we as readers see or what else comes up when pentacles are present in a reading.  Some said jobs, family, possessions not just money, home, and earth in general.

We also talked about how the Pentacles also reflect the The Wheel of Fortune in the Major Arcana.  The Wheel of Fortune can be seen as a large Pentacle. It is an example of how things move in cycles as you can see through the Pentacles suit.

We then broke into pairs and did a two card reading for each other, having pulled out all the pentacles for the deck. After the reading we then were asked to chose a Pentacle card to help move the person forward towards their next action. Then the querant is to choose their own Pentacle for what they thing they need to do next.

I worked with Sarah.  I used the Archeon Tarot this time. I chose the Knight of Wands and the Six of Cups.  Sarah said that the knight was representative of change but not happening right away. But that the person is chomping at the bit if you will. The Six of Cups shows up as the contact from past friends coming back into your life.  Next Sarah chose the Ace of Pentacles as the next step to take as getting clear what yu need to do and get settled and make a clear choice for myself. I chose the Two of Pentacles for myself as I need to find my balance between what I want to do and moving forward as well as incorporating my past into my life.

It was a good way to look at the Pentacles even if it was a little unnerving to choose a card intentionally for the next step to take after a two card reading.

And yes I did read for Sarah, but that is her story to share. =)

2 thoughts on “SF Tarot Cafe, May 4, reviewed”

  1. While different, I liked being able to _choose_ a final card for the readings. It’s a lot more empowering than just drawing one, then trying to decide how to implement that last card as an action plan. Choosing your path card lets you stick to what’s familiar; what you know works for you.

    Great class! I’m looking forward to the next one I can attend!


  2. I totally agree with this post. I’ve had siohtemng similar happen. The client wanted to know if she should do (a) or (b). The cards revealed either would turn out fine. I went on to tell the aspects of each choice. This isn’t what she wanted. She wanted to hear one was the answer, not both.I really like the card illustrated in this post. Could you tell me which deck it is from? I’d appreciated it. Like I need another deck, but

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