Tarot Blog Hop- May 2019- Tarot Continuing Education


This Tarot Blog Hop’s theme, Tarot Continuing Education, is something I think is very important. I feel that as professional readers, we need to be learning all the time to expand our practices. We can learn so much from each other as well as teach others our own way of readings. I feel like with every class I take I gain new insight that can expand my reading techniques and understanding of the cards.

I enjoy attending Tarot conferences and Tarot classes at places you might not expect to see Tarot. I have just finished my big Tarot conference season from President’s weekend at PantheaCon 2019 until this past weekend at Reader’s Studio 2019. I attended NorthWest Tarot Symposium and I also went to BABSCon 2019 where I learned how to read Tarot with the My Little Pony Tarot deck. Each of these events had classes that offered many different techniques and ways to read Tarot. There were well known Tarot Masters as well as the up and coming Tarot Luminaries and of course regular readers who have amazing businesses and creators and artists of brand new decks. With each class I take I learn a new thing that I can apply to my practice as well as see something new in my cards that others see that I may not have noticed.
When I think of continuing education I always think about my Tarot Practice and how I can get it to grow and thrive. I would say that you may find Tarot in the least likely of places.

As I mentioned above, I attended BABSCon which is a My Little Pony convention in the San Francisco Bay Area. I met the creator of a My Little Pony Tarot deck. He shared his way of reading and how the major arcana correspond to the way we have evolved from an agricultural civilization to an industrial society and on to the informational age. It was a way I had not thought to take the standard Hero’s Journey that many people have assigned to the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. I would never have thought to find a Tarot class at a Pony Convention. The room was very full of other people interested in learning Tarot. This is just one class that I took that grew my view of Tarot. I would say go to any convention or conference you can and attend any Tarot class you can.

You never know where you will find information that could expand your understanding of your Tarot.


8 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop- May 2019- Tarot Continuing Education”

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  3. Katalin Patnaik

    Ooh, the Major Arcana symbolising social evolution! Awesome thought, it would never have occurred to me! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. That sounds fabulous, Rose! How very fun to discover not only the My Little Pony deck, but such a fascinating and relevant approach to the Majors!

  6. Arwen Lynch Poe

    First, I am so glad we got some time at RS! I adore you woman! My Little Pony? Oh dear…another deck to check out. 😀

  7. When you consider the evolution of the decks from mythical into steampunk it actually makes sense to be able to see the actual Major 22 cards of any deck in the same way… I’m a little scared at the idea of a My Little Pony Deck… Still I will keep my eye out none the less.

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