Happy 4th of July!



Happy 4th of July! Americans are celebrating their nations Independence with food family and fun. And Fireworks!


Fireworks explode and are exciting and beautiful but also loud and dangerous.

It got me thinking about a spread that would acknowledge both the beauty and danger of these amazing things we use to celebrate the signing of our Declaration of Independence.

Here is my 4th of July 3 Card Fireworks Spread:


Card 1: White Fireworks:

What are you working on? What is your focus for the next year(Month, Week< etc. You get to choose the time length!)

Card 2: Blue Fireworks:

What will help you to achieve this work? What will be a helper on your path?

Card 3: Red Fireworks:

What will be an issue for your work? What could hinder you if you don’t watch out?


What I got when I did this spread for myself for the coming month.

Card 1: White Fireworks:

Knight of Cups: New Emotional Connections to nurture.

Card 2: Blue Fireworks:

Death: Letting go of old fears. Moving past my fears of doing things right.

Card 3: Red Fireworks:

Judgement: Yes there will be talk. You are doing unconventional things and expanding your possibilities. Don’t let that stop you from making those connections. And Remember you matter more that the negativity.


Well there you go. I will be doing this again with a more focused question. Give it a try and see what sparks you find that you can enjoy and share.


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