Reader’s Studio 22 Major Arcane – Day Nineteen– The Hierophant


What do we need to learn today? It is the day of reflection and rest. What can the High Priest share with me today? Patience, joy discipline and understanding are all lessons we can get refresher courses in when out in the world.

I am also looking forward to all the classes from Reader’s Studio.  We have 3 amazing male teachers, James Wanless, Shaun Nacol and James Wells. Each with their own amazing gifts to share with the group at large. I am looking forward to see how this will play out.  And of course I get to hang with Innowen and Andrew. I am looking forward to also sharing the products and books with the people who attend. We have some great stuff. And I think I get to see The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed as well as the lovely Thalassa. So many amazing teachers in one place.  I know there will be more people I am looking forward to seeing but I will be excited to be surprised with who will be there. (I think I will see Mary K Greer, Rachel Pollack, and Robert M Place=-) )

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