Reader’s Studio 22 Major Arcane – Day Seventeen– The Sun


Some know this is not one of my favorite cards as I see it as the blinding light that hides the details of what is really going on for a person. But I am starting to make friends with the horse so may be I will like it one day.  Tomorrow I will be tricking my father.  He thinks we are just having breakfast with him and we won’t be seeing him the rest of our trip. What he doesn’t know is that we are staying with him until we head to the hotel for RS12.  We worked it out with his wife and so it is set.  I hope to surprise him in a good playful way. And here is the Sun reminding me it can be just that playful and fun.  I just need to go with him and ride on his horse to my goal.


YeHaw! Giddiyup!

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