TarotBlogHop ~ Imbolc Celebration

Hello! You probably found me from Paris’ blog during the Imbolc TarotBlogHop.

This is quite exciting! We Tarot bloggers are coming together to share with we each other  our “lights” with others.
The question that was asked of us is “How can I be a better candle?”
In thinking about the topic, I asked myself  “What could I share?” and “How I can be better at shining my light?”

I realized that I needed to create a spread to help me answer this. It would help me to find clarity in how to answer this for myself.

So I got out my Druid Craft Tarot deck, shuffled and drew 5 cards.

Rose Red’s Candle Spread:

Card 1- The Match – What helps light my fire.

Card 2- The Base where the candle sits-What is the area of strength I am coming from.

Card 3- The Candle itself-What is the work I need to do.

Card 4- The Flame of the candle- What actions can I take to brighten my work.

Card 5- The Snuffer- What can be challenges to my work.


I drew cards with the question in mind and here is what I found using my new spread:

Card 1- Knight of Pentacles-Be careful when getting things out into the world. Take steady steps as you move forward. You don’t need to rush ahead willy-nilly. You have much to do. Make your plans count.

For me this means read as many book and resources as I can. Speak when I actually know what I am talking about and stand by what I say. No one is perfect, but I need to be willing to be wrong. I am not infallible. I can bring new ideas to things. I just need to make sure that I am coming from a place of information not ego. I get joy from learning new things and can share the resources and lessons I find with others.


Card 2- The Lovers– Communicate, communicate, communicate!. One can’t get ahead without others in our world.

This reminds me I have many friends. I have a partner who is a great listener and who encourages me to grow. I can pull from my past to grow my future. I studied with James Wanless, have attended many PantheaCons and have been to Reader’s Studio numerous time. I learn something new each time I take a class and expand my knowledge base. I share these concepts and ideas with everyone I meet and with whom I discuss Tarot. It is great to be able to converse with others who are just as passionate about Tarot as I am.


Card 3- 10 of Wands– Carry on with what you are working on for yourself. You are almost there.

I take this to mean I need to work on doing more of my own work. I need to separate my daily job, which I do well, and recall that I have a Tarot Blog of my own as well as a business I wish to grow for myself. Of course the small problem here is that I am doing a daily job I love and believe in. I just need to keep building my own business as well. I need to set up time for myself to write more and get out there as Rose Red Tarot, not just as Rose who works for an awesome company. I am building this business even if it is in slow pieces. I need to not give up.


Card 4- Ace of Swords-Put your influence out into the world. Do more self work. Study more.

What I need to remember for myself is I need to participate in more conversations about Tarot. I need to get involved in my community more. I need to work my plan more thoroughly. It is time to take the next step from just having a web presence. I need to do more work with others. Create more with my Tarot Family. Express my thoughts in more forums. Share my ideas with others. I already do some  but I need to do more in order to really make my light shine.


Card 5- The World– Too many distractions will pull attention away from your focus. Work to keep your focus clear and move forward.

I do many different things: I volunteer for Science Fiction conventions, facilitate at two different Tarot MeetUps, work two jobs, and have a  presence on the web. I must make plans in advance. I must schedule my time so I can get all the things done I wish to achieve. Of course I also need to sleep and there are only so many hours in a day. I need to remember to make my personal Tarot business a priority. It is just as important as the other things I do. It will help me to grow my Tarot Business and improve my life.


I think that by working with my Tarot Family, setting more of my Tarot plan in motion and treating my Tarot business as a priority, I can be a better candle in the world and shine a stronger light.

Of course this is just one way to create a better candle in the world. For more check out Stephanie Francis’ blog here.

5 thoughts on “TarotBlogHop ~ Imbolc Celebration”

    1. I need to remember the challenges for myself so I thought it was a good idea to include it. Thanks for this fun exchange. I am looking forward to the next one.

  1. I’m so glad to see you in the Blog Hop, Rose! These posts are so interesting. Yours has no water cards, whereas mine has 4 water cards (out of 5 total). I can identify with your message from The World!

    1. I didn’t really notice that about my draw. Thanks for reminding me. This may mean I need to look at that or that that is the one place I am balanced with being a better candle. I am quite passionate about the Tarot and when I get talking people can’t miss that. Thanks for the feed back!

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