Teaching. It can be amazing and scary all at the same time

I belong to the MeetUp Group, SF Tarot Cafe and have enjoyed it greatly.  I decided to see if there was another group closer to where I lived, so I joined the “Fremont Tarot Meet N’ Greet” MeetUp Group. When I joined the Fremont group it was just beginning and it was more of a group to share tarot decks rather than talk about specific things in Tarot.  I found I needed more structure and offered to help in providing a clearer focus to that end. The founder of the group seemed happy to let me take on that task. I looked at different things we as a group could do and asked questions of the core members.  Then I did some pondering.

This month I decided to step up and offer to work with the members to teach and share my experiences about Tarot by working through the book Tarot for Yourself by Mary K Greer and then expanding it to the Voyager Tarot method which I am exploring as  a teacher.  The group seemed open to it and we had our first group meeting last Friday, June 3.

We started by doing  a quick writing exercise of free form writing about the word Rose from the introduction of Tarot for Yourself. I found that this is always a good way to see what a word can mean to different people and it makes people see depth in a card they didn’t see before.  This exercise is one I like because roses are through out the Rider-Waite- Smith deck and people who use other decks see them in theirs as well as and find that the rose can provide an association they didn’t think of originally when they looked at their decks.It also gave them words they might not have thought to use to describe a rose such as death, decay, spoil and betray.

The next thing we did was figure out our Personality Cards.  It is a simple way to see what cards you might be associated with based on your birth year, month and date.  We spent time figuring these out and trying to get everyone on the same page.  We briefly touched on the Soul Cards as well as the Hidden Lesson Cards and will work on these more during June and come back together to share what we have found and discuss these as well.

I am looking forward to how this group will grow and what new things I will learn as well as the things I hope to share.

if you want to join me on this adventure, here is the MeetUp page: Fremont Tarot

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