Second Saturday Tarot Class-July 10-The Chariot

Second Saturday Tarot Classes have been a fun and informative monthly class for me. I enjoy going as I learn a new way to look at my cards and get insight from the people who attend the class.

This past Saturday we discussed The Chariot which is 7 in the Major Arcana. It is about movement and going forward with plans. It can be challenges that need to be put into motion or “unbridled ambition.”

We talked about different types of chariots in history and the evolution of the chariot as well. It was informative to hear how different people used a chariot as well as looked at the ways different peoples added to its structure and possible reasons for the way they changed it for the times.

We discussed where a chariot could take you as well as what we see as the modern day equivalents. We then got to make our own chariots and decorate them. Mine had roses on it as it is what is powerful to me. Other class members decorated theirs with stars, skulls, and flames. We each choose our power symbols and what we found strength in for decoration to our chariots. We then did a guided meditation about traveling in our Chariots and what we might learn and see. It was very soothing to tune out the world to see into my spiritual world and where I could go. I felt free to explore new places and see new things. I knew that I needed to tune out the “traffic” of the mundane to get to my spiritual self. This just reenforced those thoughts. My Chariot driver reminded me he knew the rode and I had to trust him to go where I wanted to be headed. He had the directions. I had given them to him. So once I let him drive I was able to enjoy the journey more.

What did this mean in the “Real World” you might wonder. Well if I am to be successful, I need to trust my inner self. I have the directions. I just need to trust myself to follow them. Stop listening to the “traffic” of things not working for me and work with the successful voices around me. I could do it if I just let go and try.

Once back in the room, I felt relieved that I could let go and trust I will be on the path I need to be. It was exactly what I needed to reassure myself that I was doing the right thing for myself.

Trust your heart and it will be the right thing to do.

I need to remember that more.

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