Way of the Seer- James Wanless Tarot Intensive, June 19 & 20, 2010

This past weekend I attended The Way of the Seer Voyager Tarot Intensive with James Wanless. It is the next step in the Voyager Tarot certification. I have been working with the Voyager Tarot cards for about a year and a half. I took The Way of the Seeker certification in January 2009 and wanted to take the next step in this certification program.

The weekend began with James sharing about his deck and asking us to pick a card of the day. I used my Fractal Voyager Tarot Deck and go the Child of Crystals- Learner. It was a perfect card to express what I needed to be for this weekend event.
We discussed how to figure out our birth cards using James’ method. Every 22 years one starts a new cycle through the Major Arcana. I am currently in my Moon year which is funny as I kept picking the Moon at other tarot event. The class compared this way of finding out our individual year cards done using the numerological method to get to the corresponding Major Arcana. By using that method I am Lovers or 6.

We talked about the fact that certain symbols in the Voyager Tarot represent different things such as anything with water is equal to emotions, 4 legged animals are equated to earth and actions to be taken, as well as hands reaching out as Spirit or spiritual connection. Every symbol on the cards have a meaning but it is more important to use one’s intuition to find meaning of the cards.

We looked at the cards face up and and picked the card that applied to us as representative of our past life. I chose the Empress as I have felt like I was a governess of at a royal court and caregiver to a Queen. After that we shuffled the cards and picked face down a card to represent who should we be now. I got The Emperor. Looking at the card we were asked to pick the symbol or symbols that spoke to us. I looked at Emperor and noticed the gilded box. I need to act on “opening” this box and finding my true treasures inside it as well as take a swim with Whales or go where they swim.

After everyone shared their cards and visions of what they saw and felt, we looked at doing our Whole Self Mandala reading. you pull cards for each of the following:
1. Mental
2. Emotional
3. Physical
4. Spirit
5. Female Energy
6. Male Energy
7. Finances
8. Work
9. Home
10. Relationship

This layout gives an clear and in-depth look at where a person is at and can help one plan what can be done next. Prevent or prepare is the key to using Voyager Tarot system. It is all about Fortune Creation

As we progressed through the weekend, I was given more information to work with and how to apply it to James’ method of using his cards. I think it will help me become an even better reader no matter which cards I use but definitely deeper understanding of the Voyager Tarot and its symbolism.

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