A Lovers’ Spread as a I recall the excitement I had when CA let all people marry.

Being that I live in California, specifically the Bay Area, it was a big deal about Same Sex Couples being able to marry. It was as exciting as it must have been in 1967 when the case of Loving v. Virginia was decided by United States Supreme Court and interracial couples were legally able to marry. I felt the excitement in the air as San Francisco got ready to have this happen in City Hall and the employees all tried to get sworn in so they could help with performing ceremonies. Many couple went to get their licenses and made plans to marry that day. Some people just wanted to show their support.

Of course there were people who feel this is wrong. They feel that marriage is between one man and one woman . Their reason is that if one wants to procreate you need this DNA to produce a child. But I think the message here isn’t about creating children, even though that is a good message. I think it is about respecting people for who they are and the choices they make that do not affect you, and not caring if they are living a different life than you. It is also about defining whether same sex couples are making a choice to be in same sex relationships or not.

In recognition and respect for this event, I would like to share a Lover’s spread I use when I have a couple or individual wanting to know more about their love life:


1 2

3 7 4

5 6


1. How you see yourself in the relationship.

2. How they see themselves in the relationship.

3. How you see the relationship at that moment.

4. How they see the relationship at that moment.

5. How you see the other person in the relationship.

6. How they see you in the relationship.

7. Where you two meet/ common group.

It is a fun spread to use to gain insight on where one seems to be at in their relationship and how one can work together with their partner to build a stronger foundation. It can also point out how different the relationship may seem and where one may wish to work on things. I think it can be useful and helpful if one is trying to get a fresh perspective. Also making sure the person/persons one does a reading for interacts with the cards and reader will bring a deeper meaning to this spread.  We need to always remember that we are reading for the clients, and it’s about them, not us.

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