Life Cards and birthcards

I was sitting with friends talking about cards and how my birthcard was VI- The Lovers. One friend asked how did I figure that out. I let them know I used the Mary K Greer method from Tarot For Yourself. It works for me and is a simple way to see what card is “effecting or influencing” you this year.

First add the numbers of your birthday month, day and year all together like so:

12+14+1969 = 1995

Next add this number up by each individual number:

1+9+9+5= 24

If this number is larger than 21, add the two digits together.
2+4= 6

6 corresponds to The Lovers from the Major Arcana.

If you have a number that is two digits and 21 or lower you are lucky as you have two cards.

21 can be used as it is as The World and can be added together to be 3-The Empress.

The thought is this is the card that influenced you and who you can be in life. It is also something you can figure out for each year and track when the different cards come up for you.

For me this year is an 11 or The Hanged Man. It could also be High Priestess as well as 1+1 can be added to get 2. I think personally it will be both.

You can look at more ways to plot your cards at the following sites:

Tarot School

Aecletic tarot site

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The Tarot Room

Just have fun and see if you can find patterns as you look at each card that was in play for you on any given year. Then ask your friends what their cards might be. You can gain insight into what might be influencing them as well as your interactions with them. It can be quite fascinating.

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  1. In an 11 year, the Priestess can benefit from the Hanged Man’s unusual perspective, and the Hanged Man can use the Priestess’ intuitive depth to add meaning to the experience. Definitely a year of going within and experiencing profound inner shifts!

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