The stories we have lived often indicate the kinds of stories we will continue to experience. Sometimes we think that our story is ending, or maybe there is a narrative we can imagine for ourselves, but we don’t know how to get there.  The world is a series of stories interconnected to form a larger epic tale. As I read for you, I look at how your story is playing to a larger truth. A truth about who you are, what you need to be doing, the challenges you are facing, and the help that comes just when you need it. 

Fairy tales are not just for kids. The kinds of stories we believe in can light a path in our journey. 

It is okay to feel uncertain about your journey. If you feel like you should come in, but don’t know why, allow me to help you in this process. Trust me when I tell you that I have a Golden Globe nomination in herding cats.

My particular gift is in helping visionaries, creatives, artists, and busy professionals link up their vision to the details.

Book me and we will get granular today, we will leave no stone unturned, even the stones you don’t yet know are there. 

I use the cards to illuminate what needs your attention right now. Then, together we determine what challenges and gifts are ahead for you in your next chapter. It is time to explore the legend of your epic journey.

YOU are the heroes of your epic tales. I will uncover the steps you can take to create your own legendary status, be it finding your own happily ever after with the partner of your dreams or being the success you dream about in business or in life. We will work together to find the steps that to build you up to head forward on that journey.

Let’s unfurl the map and plot a course towards the direction your spirit knows is true north.