OLD Testimonials

My First Reading-

RoseRed was inviting and professional as she set up her table, draping it with a cloth of stars as she asked me if I’d ever had a reading before. I hadn’t. She explained how I could choose to proceed while setting out three different decks for me to choose from. Her friendly tone assured me that there were plenty of other decks I could look through if I didn’t like the first set of options, but she knew from our shared love of the Halloween season that the suggestions on hand would likely be a hit.

After the cards were revealed, I felt I knew what they were referring to, and that was when their helpful nature came into play as RoseRed turned from reader to almost therapist. The talk after the reading was what really set it into context for me as I shared what I’d been going through, the current issues and worries on my mind. And RoseRed was there to listen, using her skills to more deeply explain some of the cards and their place in the reading as relevant things came up in the discussion. She was patient and open and so helpful as I slowly typed up notes to help me remember my cards. I feel more at ease for having done this reading, and I am grateful to have had her as my guide.

My reading with Rose Red Tarot was amazing! She was patient in explaining each and every card and putting even the scariest cards in perspective that provided more of an action plan that I was comfortable with. She made sure that I was clear on what the cards can mean and gave me context when I asked for more. Wonderful virtual reading, excited to do another one next year!