A Nice Daily Practice for anyone to share. Thank you CAYA!

While looking at the interwebs and see what other folks I know are doing and sharing, I saw this from CAYA Coven and wanted to share:

“Rooted in my sense of self,
my inner light inspires.
As beauty transforms me,
I transform the world.
I am the legacy of my Ancestors.
I am the legend of my Descendants.
With grace and awe
I create the Now.
Blessed be.”

– CAYA Daily practice for 2013
written by Stella Iris RedRaven, HPS of Conscious Joy,
and Athena IxChel Firefly, Priestess of Inspiration and Soul

It got me thinking about my daily practice and how I am not doing as much as I used to do. Need to work on that. I will be doing my daily cards again starting November 1st as well as share one of my Samhain readings.

If you want to share your Samhain experiences from this year I would love to read them.

Blessed be and Happy Samhain.

What is going on on my Twitter postings?

If you follow me on Twitter(@roseredtarot), you will notice I post a 3 card drawing and a #tarot- Hidden Message.

What is this all about you might ask.

Well the 3 card draw is easy enough. I shuffle from the deck I happen to be carrying with me that day, generally my Druid Craft deck, and post my thoughts on what these 3 cards combine together say to me. Then I choose the card at the bottom of the deck and it is the Hidden Message for the day.

Sometimes the Hidden Message goes with the 3 card draw, sometimes it doesn’t. I try to treat it like it’s own reading. It is a way for me to interact with my cards and keep up my skills.

Hope you like it.