Twenty-Two days to SFBATS -Day 22

Day 22- The World!

You are ready to explode on to the scene! You have been working to find the right people and arena to share your news. You have found it! Share the joy and be the center of attention! It is your spotlight! Shine!

21-World- Druid Craft

Twenty-Two days to SFBATS -Day 21

Day 21- Strength

It is time to tame the wild beast within you. You will feel like you are fighting a losing battle some times but in the end you will find balance and a calming effect with take the place of your stress.

11-Strength-Druid Craft Tarot

Twenty-Two days to SFBATS -Day 20

Day 20- The Lovers

Embrace your longing. Wrap yourself up in the emotions you are feeling. Speak your heart’s truth even if it is just to yourself. You don’t have to hide your feelings away. Understand that they may not be returned but you can still express them. But if you don’t express them, you will never know.

06-Major-Lovers- DruidCraft Tarot

Twenty-Two days to SFBATS -Day 12

Day 12- High Prietess

You have the knowledge to move heaven and earth. Connect with your world and your community. You don’t have to keep the knowledge to yourself. You can share it with those around you. You may have the exact thing they need to hear.

02-High Priestess- Druid Craft Tarot

Twenty-Two days to SFBATS -Day 11

day 11- 10 of Wands

“Boy… You’re going to carry that weight, carry that weight a long time.”

When will you let go of this burden? You don’t need it any longer but YOU have to decide to put it down. You have dragged it around with you. Is it helping you deal? If so, then keep it up.


Twenty-Two days to SFBATS -Day 10

Day 10-Knight of Wands

Charge forward into the next phase for yourself. What are you passionate about? Why aren’t you doing it? It is a great time to start that new project or the next phase of the your current project. You will be amazing.


Twenty-Two days to SFBATS -Day 8

Day 8- knight of Cups

Time to focus on what matters most for you on an emotional level. It may feel like a burden but you can handle it. Take your time. You don’t have to rush.


Twenty-Two days to SFBATS -Day 7

Day 7- Knight of Pentacles

Planning your next financial move will take more time to make. Give yourself permission to go slowly with your investment choices. You want to make the best decisions for your future.


Twenty-Two days to SFBATS -Day 6

Day 6- 5 of Cups

Yes things are changed.The issues are over but you have not let them go. It is time to turn around and see what you have left. It may be exactly what you need right now. Give it a taste.