TarotBlogHop-Ostara~ Paint a Journey with a New Life

Thank you for joining me here from Aisling http://tarotwitchery.blogspot.com/

As I was thinking about how I could approach this topic, I thought about the renovations being done to the chapels in Florence and Rome. As the frescos are being restored, the colors are coming back to life. It struck me ,that when painting all colors break down to the three primaries, red, blue and yellow. This of course got me thinking of a a three card spread to help me paint a journey with new life. So here is my spread for using this delightful color palate to start painting your own journey.



Red- This is your Passion Card! It is what drivers you to use your talents and challenge yourself.


Blue- This is your Nurturing Card. It is what helps you get grounded and find your center when you are feeling chaotic and overwhelmed.


Yellow- This is your Energizer Card. It helps you to move forward with your plan or your goal.


Using this spread I found helped me find focus and revitalize myself to find new ways to handle my upcoming projects.

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