What is going on on my Twitter postings?

If you follow me on Twitter(@roseredtarot), you will notice I post a 3 card drawing and a #tarot- Hidden Message.

What is this all about you might ask.

Well the 3 card draw is easy enough. I shuffle from the deck I happen to be carrying with me that day, generally my Druid Craft deck, and post my thoughts on what these 3 cards combine together say to me. Then I choose the card at the bottom of the deck and it is the Hidden Message for the day.

Sometimes the Hidden Message goes with the 3 card draw, sometimes it doesn’t. I try to treat it like it’s own reading. It is a way for me to interact with my cards and keep up my skills.

Hope you like it.

Couples’ Readings Spreads

Sometime I get approached to do couples’ readings. These can be tough because you are dealing with two people and have to make sure they both participate in the reading. To help with this,  I have each person shuffle the cards a few times and then ask one of them cuts the deck in two piles. The other person then chooses which pile represents their partner, leaving the other pile to represent them. While they are shuffling I ask what they want to know more about in this reading. If it is just a general reading I then lay out the cards as follows:

(Click on the image to make it bigger)

This spread can give each person a better perspective in to how they see the other person as well as themselves and where they meet in the middle to make their relationship stronger. Of course sometime things come up that they may be ignoring but you can work with them to look at these issues as you pull  more cards. If they are open to talking, ask them where they want to focus and pull more cards for those issues.

Another spread I like is inspired by my friend Anastasia and her Triangle Spread.

It is a way to have a couple look at themselves and what they bring to their relationship as well as how they can grow together in the relationship. Here is the spread:

(Click on image to make it bigger)

This one really looks at each person as individuals as well as their place in their relationship. It is a way to make sure they work on themselves as well as building a life with their partner. Each person has goals they want to achieve and by sharing these goals with each other they can be stronger as a unit.

Both of these spreads work to look at couples and their issues. I think it depends on the couple and what they want to explore in their reading.

New personal business cards!

I have them finally to give out and I am so excited! The artist is a friend of mine and did exactly what I asked.

Now to get those readings going.

Cheers to more exchanges and more clients.