Life Cards and birthcards

I was sitting with friends talking about cards and how my birthcard was VI- The Lovers. One friend asked how did I figure that out. I let them know I used the Mary K Greer method from Tarot For Yourself. It works for me and is a simple way to see what card is “effecting or influencing” you this year.

First add the numbers of your birthday month, day and year all together like so:

12+14+1969 = 1995

Next add this number up by each individual number:

1+9+9+5= 24

If this number is larger than 21, add the two digits together.
2+4= 6

6 corresponds to The Lovers from the Major Arcana.

If you have a number that is two digits and 21 or lower you are lucky as you have two cards.

21 can be used as it is as The World and can be added together to be 3-The Empress.

The thought is this is the card that influenced you and who you can be in life. It is also something you can figure out for each year and track when the different cards come up for you.

For me this year is an 11 or The Hanged Man. It could also be High Priestess as well as 1+1 can be added to get 2. I think personally it will be both.

You can look at more ways to plot your cards at the following sites:

Tarot School

Aecletic tarot site

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The Tarot Room

Just have fun and see if you can find patterns as you look at each card that was in play for you on any given year. Then ask your friends what their cards might be. You can gain insight into what might be influencing them as well as your interactions with them. It can be quite fascinating.

Barbie Tarot-Michelle Erica Green

So I was looking at different decks out there in the world like you might do, and I stumbled upon the Barbie Tarot.

I have loved Barbie since I was little as I got to play with my neighbor’s 1950’s doll with wigs and elegant dresses and all those accessories. And here was a deck that used this image and created it to fit into a Tarot deck!

Michelle used all the different types of Barbies out there to creat this deck as well as a few Ken dolls. My favorite cards are 11- Justice which is Wonder Woman from Barbie Loves Pop Culture and 13- Death Sterling Silver Rose from the Bob Mackie Series. She took time to really think about each card and what doll would best represent the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot.

She has changed the pip/minor arcana to suit the Barbie style however. Swords are now Hats as Barbie is a fashion icon. Cups are Flowers as they are new water to grow and flourish. Coins became Purses as Barbie never seems to carry money but always has her purse. And Wands stayed wands as there were enough images that worked for this.

The deck is a fun and fanciful deck. if you like the doll that has it all this might be a deck to consider finding for yourself.

Here is the the link to the Barbie Tarot

2 Card Reading at SF Tarot Cafe, April 20, 2010

We had our second SF Tarot Cafe meet up and I lead the discussion on 2 card spreads. Some folks had not used just 2 cards for spreads before so this was new way to look at a short precise read.

Some of the ideas that did come up were as follows:

What’s the Problem? What’s the solution?
Ying And Yang
What is in the dark and what is in the light? (What can you see in the reflection that you are missing in the direct view)
In a relationship reading-He said, She said
What is below the surface of the standard 3 card reading or what is below the table?
Appearance and reality
If yes than this. If no, then this.
Self and others
What you show the world and What is really going on for you.

These were all examples of ways to use the cards in a two card spread. After a bit more discussion where I shared the 2 card reading I did before the meet up about how I would do as a presenter*, we broke off into pairs and did two card readings for each other in our pairings.

I got to work with Sarah, who had brought The Inner Child Cards which were amazing. I love fairy tales so these really struck a cord with me. We did a reading for Sarah about her living situation and she seems to get a new prospective on it.(I hope!) Then she read for me. I asked about continuing with the Tarot Cafe and really making it part of my monthly routine. I give up two nights a month which I was hanging out with my friends to game and now I am choosing to do Tarot(which I love to do) with people I am getting to know.
I pulled the VI-Hansel and Gretal for what am an getting from this and XI The Midas Touch for what might I be losing.
Sarah said she saw nothing but Heart in me staying with this and it was what I need to do. It is fulling and touched my heart as well as I was going to touch others by continuing this. And while I am leaving “treasures ” by not being with the others all the time, it will make the times together just that much more special. We then pulled two more cards to get a little more depth to the reading and got 3 of Crystals and I – Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. Again she saw more heart and fulfillment by staying with what I was loving and that the magic lamp would still be there for me when I was able to rub it.

It was a really what i needed at that moment. I was able to hear it and it was just out of 2 cards.

For more on these wonderful cards,check here: Inner Child Cards review

I think we all had a good time and will probably try a 2 card spread next time we need a direct and simple reading.

* Oh and the cards I pulled earlier in the evening were “What you show”_ King of Pentacles, and “What are you feeling” -6 of Pentacles from the Druidcraft Tarot . So what does that tell you?

Review of first SF Tarot Cafe

Tuesday, April 6th was our first SF Tarot Cafe meeting and I had a wonderful time. We talked about our favorite card as well as read for each other using the other person’s deck. It gave me a new way to look at a person’s cards as well as see something in my own deck I hadn’t before. I am looking forward to adding this meeting to my Tarot adventures! Thank you to all of you that came as you made my experience that much better! I hope to see you next time! ~Rose Red


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