What has Rose Red been doing? Reading cards at SciFi Cons & Tarot Cafes in San Francisco and Fremont

I am a Tarot lover at heart. I share my decks and readings everywhere I can. This year I posted fun readings in the newsletter at my local SciFi/Fantasy Con as our theme was more on the Fantasy and Dark story lines than in past years. It was fun.

Here are the posts for you to look over.

Newsletter #1 – Friday Early

Newsletter #3 – Saturday Early

Newsletter #5 – Sunday Early

Newsletter #7 – Monday Early

I also have been doing more SF Tarot Cafe and Fremont Meet N Greet Tarot MeetUps. Both of theses groups have amazing people in them and I learn something new each time I attend. SF Tarot Cafe meets weekly on Tuesdays at Borderlands Cafe in San Francisco and Fremont Meet N Greet meets the first and third Fridays of the month. Each group is interesting and provides me with new experiences each time I attend.

Yule Reading

It is the time of year where we all reflect on the past and look to the future. We take time to see what we have achieved and begin thinking about the new year.

I have found that doing spreads for questions really helps me connect to my Tarot and my questions specific focus. I was wondering about the new year and what it will hold for me and created the Yule Wreath Spread. I went to the san Francisco Tarot Cafe and shared it there. Here is the Spread and what cards I received.

First separate your deck into two piles. One pile is Major Arcana and the other is Minor Arcana.

Next mix up the pile of Minor Arcana and pull 4 cards, face down, and lay them out clockwise, first card at 12, second card at 3, third card at 6, and fourth card at 10 position. Set that stack to the side.

Pick up the stack of Major Arcana and shuffle. Pull one card, face down, to help you through out the year and place it in the center of the spread.

Turn over each quarter one at a time and figure out what will be important in that time of the year. After that, turn over the center card to see which Major will help you through your quarters.

I did mine and this is what I received:

First Card/First Quarter of the Year: 4 of Cups

New opportunities are within reach if you choose to take them. You don’t have to if they are not right for you.

Second Card/Second Quarter of the Year: Queen of Wands

You will be busy but things will be going well. You will be living your passions and leading others to keep the fires burning.

Third Card/Third Quarter of the Year: Knight of Swords

Charging forcefully may get things done but make sure it is what you want to accomplish.

Fourth Card/Fourth Quarter of the Year: Page of Pentacles

Getting grounded is the key. Make sure you are in a space to be ready to group and change.

The Major Arcana is: Empress

Using your skills of growth and fertility to feed the year, you will grow as you go through the quarters. You have the strength and the Goddess is with you on this new journey.

Not a bad reading and very balanced. So I will be working on many projects in the new year and seeing where it leads me.

Happy Yule to you!

Court Cards….those pesky courtiers

Court cards have always presented a challenge to me when following the general way of interpreting them. If you look at A.E. Waite’s descriptions, he imply that these cards are people you may or may not know. For example the write up for the King of Wands is this:

“Divinatory Meanings: Dark man, friendly, countryman, generally married, honest and conscientious.” -The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite, ill. by Pamela Colman Smith [1911]

So do you know a “Dark Man who is friendly or generally married?” I might but I don’t think of that when I see the King of Wands. I see fire, passion and putting ideas out into the world! And what about the other courtiers? The Queen of Pentacles? Here is what we have from Mr. Waite:

“The face suggests that of a dark woman, whose qualities might be summed up in the idea of greatness of soul; she has also the serious cast of intelligence; she contemplates her symbol and may see worlds therein. Divinatory Meanings: Opulence, generosity, magnificence, security, liberty. Reversed: Evil, suspicion, suspense, fear, mistrust.” ~-The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite, ill. by Pamela Colman Smith [1911]

Wait… what? More dark people? But what about pale redheaded people? Or Blondes? I know these are descriptors of types of people. But for me the court cards are more about their symbols and how it embodies the element more than the person on the cards. I look at the Pages of each suit as the beginning of a new cycle in the suit. You have gone through the rough bits of the pips and now you get to do bigger steps to make your plans a reality. Then the Knights come and encourage you to carry those plans into action moving out of the planning phase you have started as the Page. Then you become the Queen when you refine your plans. Next you embody the King by bringing those actions and plans out into the world.

But again how can you work with these cards? Here is a quick reading to try:

Shuffle up the court cards and draw 3 cards, face down, with these ideas in mind:
1) What are you needing to bring into your life? What element do you need to add and where do you need to add it?
2) What element are you fighting and to what degree?
3) What do you need to clear out of your life to make room for more of what you need?

Now what happens when you get all the same element? Look at the figures and where do they fit in your plan levels? Are you at the Page stage or the King stage? Do you need to refine your goals and be the Queen? Or is it time to charge forward and put your plan into action as the Knight? Only you know where you are but each of these levels can help you move towards your goal or plan.

Here is my drawing of cards I did as an exercise at Tarot Cafe SF on Tuesday Jan 18:

1) Queen of Cups- Let more emotion in to your world and add it to your celebration of the Goddess.
2) King of Swords-You fight your own authority on topics. You don’t always think of yourself as an expert even though you know your stuff.
3) Page of Swords- You need to let go of the thoughts of lacking in your world. You have more to share than you let yourself believe.

Now each person will know what their association is with the images before them. This is what I saw for myself and how I saw it using the Druid Craft deck.

Another thing you can do to help with the Court cards is focus on each one for a day or a week and see where you notice them your daily life. You will be surprised when you see the Page of Pentacles showing up or who embodies the Queen of Cups for you.

Take some time to look around and note these people and qualities. Does it make the court cards in questions more real for you? It works for me and I am generally surprised where I see them appear.

Tarot Cafe Activity that gives you another way to look at a card

At Tarot Cafe on October 19, I lead the group in a fun activity of writing a story about a randomly chosen card to get into the feel of the card we may or may not be familiar.

We all shuffled our decks and each chose a card. For five minutes we wrote about our chosen card. There were no limits on how people could write about their individual card just that they needed to find how it spoke to them.

We shared how the exercise made us feel as well as what we each wrote. Next we passed our decks to the person on our right and did the repeated the exercise. Again we shared how we felt and our write ups. Then we passed our decks to the person on our left and did the writing exercise one more time. By the end of the evening we all had worked with two decks we weren’t familiar with as well as the deck we brought. We had a new way to look at our own deck as well as a fun way to learn a new deck and make it our own.

I had wrote the following from my evening.

1st Card- 3 of Wands- All Hallows Tarot:

As i went walking by the bay, I heard the cawing of Ravens. I looked up to see three ravens approaching from over the water. they were heading towards me. What could it mean? I didn’t feel like Death was approaching but more like long lost friends were coming home.
I waited by the dock and as the came the first offered me a red jewel. The second, an oak staff and the third, an ash branch. If I didn’t know better i would have worried as oak and ash can be seen as an omen of sorts. But I could tell these were gifts from my ancestors brought across the sea. These were items to put on my alter to give me blessings on Samhain.


2nd Card- Temparence-Jolanda Tarot

“Shoot for the Moon,” they said. But I think the Sun is a better target. I have found my life companion as well as my life’s work. I just need to put it out to the world and share my visions and strength.
I have much to learn but much to give. The volcanos in my mind are always exploding, birthing ideas and can be full of excitement and pain.
I see things very differently than most but I have friends who share my visions and encourage my growth as I encourage theirs. We are stronger because we have been opened to see the Other Light. We can all see the possibilities that others choose to ignore. We are the bringers of the Other News, the Other Light, the Other Gods.


3rd Card-Princess of Cups- Wheel of Change Tarot:
It is Oktober Fest! Beer, pretzels, Oompa Bands for All! The world has taken on our festival but do they even care about its true meaning? We worked hard all summer and are celebrating the harvests. We have picked the grains and brewed the ales and to have food for the cold months. We share with the others of our village. We celebrate for the end of the hot summer and the successful planting season. Soon the earth will be hard. The snow on the ground. Curling up by the fire and enjoying the arms of our loves as we share stories of our past.
Stepping through the whirlwind to my new life with my new partner, I bring the ale and hope the home I am heading to is as warm and welcoming as the one I am leaving.


Now try it for yourself. You can explore your decks card by card and create stories for each card or try to make a continuing story with a few cards at a time. Also thing about how long you want to give yourself. Timing this activity proved to make each of the participants think faster and listen to our intuition verses over-thinking what the “right” way to do this could be.

SF Tarot Cafe- Tonight

Come down to Borderlands Cafe on Valencia and talk Tarot with me and the members Of SF Tarot Cafe MeetUp! We are going to chat about the Sevens in the Minor Arcana in honor of July!

SF Tarot Cafe

Tonight is SF Tarot Cafe meet up.. please come and chat with us about Tarot and enjoy the lovely cafe at Borderlands!

SF Tarot Cafe, May 18, 2010

This evening was SF Tarot Cafe at Borderlands Cafe and it was my turn to lead this evening’s discussion.

I had everyone pick an Angel Card and then choose a card or two that best fits with the word they chose from their own tarot decks.  Once everyone had a chance to decide, we all discussed our word as well as what card we felt worked with it.  My word was Purpose and I used the Druid Craft deck . I chose the High Priestess and Temperance to represent Purpose.  Other words that were chosen were Abundance, Exploration, Openness, and Peace.  Each person used their own decks to share their ideas of the cards that represented their idea of their word.  Exploration was represented by The Fool from the Thoth deck as well as The Star and The Universe Card.  Openness was seen as the 3 of Swords and The Fool as well as The Lovers from Rider Waite Smith deck. Peace was seen as the Queen of Pentacles from The Tarot of Marseilles. Abundance was seen as Ten of Pentacles and Queen of Wands in the Tarot of the New Vision.  Each person explained why they chose the cards and how they would use the cards to explain this to their querents.

Next we broke up into pairs and picked a new work to use our decks to describe the word.  The chosen words were Support, Delight and Flexibility. The Support group used the Thoth and Tarot of the New Vision to show what cards work for them.  The Delight group used Tarot of Marseilles and Rider Wait Smith.  I used Druid Craft to describe Flexibility.  The cards I used were The Devil, The Hanged Man,8 of Wands, 5 of Wands and 2 of Pentacles to talk about Flexibility.  I liked the idea that the Devil was one has to be flexible in not jumping to conclusions and not trying to avoid taking responsibility for one’s actions.  The Hanged man reminds us to be flexible in our views and relax when we get stuck in a rut. 8 of Wands reminds us to be flexible in what we try and not avoid trying new things. 5 of Wands is for being flexible in a group while 2 of Pentacles reminds us to be flexible in how we see our situations and reminds us to find balance as well.

At the end I asked everyone to pick a Fractal Card from my Voyager Tarot Fractal deck.  The cards that were chosen were as follows: The Lovers, Child of Cups, Man of Worlds, and Child of Crystals.  Each person said this was exactly where they thought they were and would see how they could apply this message to their week.

I think we all enjoyed sharing another l;ayer to add to our readings and new keywords to think of our own cards and sharing them in readings for ourselves and others.

SF Tarot Cafe, May 4, reviewed

It was a wonderful evening at the SF Tarot Cafe this week.  We had 12 people attend so there were plenty of new faces to expand the fun.

We had Nina, Fey, Simone, RJ, Sarah, Susa, Marianna, Anastasia, Andrew, Camille,Roxanne, and myself. Anastasia opened the discussion this time talking about the Pentacles or Coins or Worlds as James Wanless calls them.  She shared her information about how when we see the Pentacles come up in a reading generally it points towards money issues. She asked us to share with the group other things we as readers see or what else comes up when pentacles are present in a reading.  Some said jobs, family, possessions not just money, home, and earth in general.

We also talked about how the Pentacles also reflect the The Wheel of Fortune in the Major Arcana.  The Wheel of Fortune can be seen as a large Pentacle. It is an example of how things move in cycles as you can see through the Pentacles suit.

We then broke into pairs and did a two card reading for each other, having pulled out all the pentacles for the deck. After the reading we then were asked to chose a Pentacle card to help move the person forward towards their next action. Then the querant is to choose their own Pentacle for what they thing they need to do next.

I worked with Sarah.  I used the Archeon Tarot this time. I chose the Knight of Wands and the Six of Cups.  Sarah said that the knight was representative of change but not happening right away. But that the person is chomping at the bit if you will. The Six of Cups shows up as the contact from past friends coming back into your life.  Next Sarah chose the Ace of Pentacles as the next step to take as getting clear what yu need to do and get settled and make a clear choice for myself. I chose the Two of Pentacles for myself as I need to find my balance between what I want to do and moving forward as well as incorporating my past into my life.

It was a good way to look at the Pentacles even if it was a little unnerving to choose a card intentionally for the next step to take after a two card reading.

And yes I did read for Sarah, but that is her story to share. =)

2 Card Reading at SF Tarot Cafe, April 20, 2010

We had our second SF Tarot Cafe meet up and I lead the discussion on 2 card spreads. Some folks had not used just 2 cards for spreads before so this was new way to look at a short precise read.

Some of the ideas that did come up were as follows:

What’s the Problem? What’s the solution?
Ying And Yang
What is in the dark and what is in the light? (What can you see in the reflection that you are missing in the direct view)
In a relationship reading-He said, She said
What is below the surface of the standard 3 card reading or what is below the table?
Appearance and reality
If yes than this. If no, then this.
Self and others
What you show the world and What is really going on for you.

These were all examples of ways to use the cards in a two card spread. After a bit more discussion where I shared the 2 card reading I did before the meet up about how I would do as a presenter*, we broke off into pairs and did two card readings for each other in our pairings.

I got to work with Sarah, who had brought The Inner Child Cards which were amazing. I love fairy tales so these really struck a cord with me. We did a reading for Sarah about her living situation and she seems to get a new prospective on it.(I hope!) Then she read for me. I asked about continuing with the Tarot Cafe and really making it part of my monthly routine. I give up two nights a month which I was hanging out with my friends to game and now I am choosing to do Tarot(which I love to do) with people I am getting to know.
I pulled the VI-Hansel and Gretal for what am an getting from this and XI The Midas Touch for what might I be losing.
Sarah said she saw nothing but Heart in me staying with this and it was what I need to do. It is fulling and touched my heart as well as I was going to touch others by continuing this. And while I am leaving “treasures ” by not being with the others all the time, it will make the times together just that much more special. We then pulled two more cards to get a little more depth to the reading and got 3 of Crystals and I – Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. Again she saw more heart and fulfillment by staying with what I was loving and that the magic lamp would still be there for me when I was able to rub it.

It was a really what i needed at that moment. I was able to hear it and it was just out of 2 cards.

For more on these wonderful cards,check here: Inner Child Cards review

I think we all had a good time and will probably try a 2 card spread next time we need a direct and simple reading.

* Oh and the cards I pulled earlier in the evening were “What you show”_ King of Pentacles, and “What are you feeling” -6 of Pentacles from the Druidcraft Tarot . So what does that tell you?